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Founded by Edward J. Funkuncle
Curator: Henry P. Funkuncle.

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fire hydrant print
andy warhol
This is a street in Los Angeles. It is not for sale on the Funkuncle site in any true sense. However the wonderful photo is: $25. Art print. Dimensions: 900cm x 600cm
car LA
Fire Hydrant, Los Angeles. $25. Art print. Dimensions: 900cm x 600cm

| 1 2 3 4 5 70 year old Edward J. Funkuncle, retired N.Y. artist & entrepreneur had two sons. Calvin Funkuncle, the eldest, runs CFC (Calvin Funkuncle Corporation), a multimillion dollar company specialising in, amongst other things, technology, argiculture and soft-porn. This is not to be confused with the emporium you are now visiting. It run by Calvin's younger brother, musician, Henry Funkuncle. You can visit Henry's webpage here or Edward J. Funkuncle's diary here.
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Contributors. Friends. Links:
Dirty Good
Craig Atkinson
Clayton Jacobson
David Shrigley
Ant Keogh

"Man Is Five. God is Ten" by Ant Keogh. 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas. SOLD. More at
man is five artist/ ant keogh

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Handmade one-offs, rare artisan curios, found objects and mass-produced trinkets.
If you think about it, these days, many high-end retailers like, say, Prada, Gucci, Chanel (or any of that ilk, really) behave essentially just like McDonalds: they are franchises, but, in this case, franchises delivering expensive, high-end, luxury fashion rather than burgers. Just like a multinational chain, their products are delivered with uniformity, reliability and production-line speed to their carefully targeted audience. Conversely, low-end products we historically associate with mass-production, such as can openers, televisions or light bulbs often don’t work as they should or come with built-in obsolescence. As our founder, Edward J. Funkuncle, would say, “This piece of plastic shit never works like it says on the goddam pack.” It’s in this context ,we humans, so organic, so individual, so of flesh and blood, crave the hand-made, the idiosyncratic, and the one-off. Which of course brings us to
This is a photo of the actor, Steven Segal, changinng a tire. Of course it is.
Bolle ball. .$10 (email us.)
Army compass, second world war. $100 (email us)
army compass
compass open
Army compass (open), second world war. $100 (email us)
Bone.(Australian possum) $10 (email us, Due to border control, only available in Australia)
David Gray high-fidelity compact disk. Region one. Might not play in countries outside the U.S. $1 (email us)
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Almost everything here is a one-off. We love the idiosyncratic, we champion the analogue, we adore the arcane, from unusual curios to hand-made products. Found objects, to single-edition lowbrow art. Retro ephemera to obsolete design; the idea is to give you One-of-Kind, or close to it (at least, we only have one of them). Items are priced accordingly, ranging from 'free' to 'please leave a suitcase full of money under a chair at the airport'. But, hell, some of our stuff isn’t even for sale! Sometimes it doesn’t even exist, except in the viewer’s mind. We can’t guarantee consistency, reliability or good sense. But we do offer good intentions and (in our opinion) good taste. It’s a swashbuckling, mind-twisting, cock-punching, internet-powered marvel of modern science! | All products are tested on an expert panel of scientists, musicians, politicians and whores, then delivered to you by the mostly reliable, bubble-wrap-loving, Australian Government postage service. | So come on, tell us what you think, tell us what you don’t-think-much-of, but don't be on the fence... unless you're a freaking squirrel! Enjoy...