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Founded by Edward J. Funkuncle
Editor: Calvin Funkuncle.

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Detail: "Sagittal Gridle & the Spirit Orca of Death." by Paul Theobald.
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Detail:"Brasco's Parables." by Paul Theobald.

| 1 2 3 4 5 70 year old Edward J. Funkuncle, retired N.Y. artist & entrepreneur had two sons. Calvin Funkuncle, the eldest, runs CFC (Calvin Funkuncle Corporation), a multimillion dollar company specialising in, amongst other things, technology, argiculture and soft-porn. This is not to be confused with the emporium you are now visiting. It run by Calvin's younger brother, musician, Henry Funkuncle. You can visit Henry's webpage here or Edward J. Funkuncle's diary here.
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Craig Atkinson
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David Shrigley
Ant Keogh

"Brasco's Parables." by Paul Theobald. $1200. Acrylic and Ink on Plywood. 1200 x 900mm. Visit for more information.

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Handmade one-offs, rare artisan curios, found objects and mass-produced trinkets.
Delicious glass of water. (Including glass). Only $5. (Water will be dehydrated for postage.) Email us for order. Posts Australia-wide. International Customs restrict the postage of water, even dehydrated water. Actually that's not true. In their handbook, they don't have a policy about dehydrated water, but can you imagine trying to have this conversation with them? It's hard enough trying get a shipment of cocaine through customs. Only joking customs! Actually, really, only joking!)
Ant (in amber), pin. 25mm x 13mm. Sold.
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"Sagittal Gridle & the Spirit Orca of Death." by Paul Theobald." $1000. Acrylic and Ink on Plywood. 1200 x 900mm. Visit our buddy, Paul's web site for more information.